Luxury Alcohol Rehab

An alcohol addiction robs people of (at one time or another) their dignity, their relationships, and their ability to embrace both life’s challenges and beauty. It is important, then, that their first steps toward sobriety break this bleak pattern and awaken the alcoholic to the possibilities and excitement that a sober life allows. Luxury alcohol rehab programs, like The GRR, entice alcoholics into recovery. Oftentimes alcoholics drink in beautiful places while engaging in recreational activities like golf, socializing, or while watching sports & luxury alcohol rehab programs take the approach that individuals do not have to give up such pursuits when getting sober. Rather, luxury alcohol programs seek to show clients that without alcohol clouding their judgement, such endeavors can be much more enjoyable and the beauty of locales more distinct.

Transitioning clients into Phase 1 of our luxury rehab program (which consists of a highly structured schedule that includes: AA/NA meetings, gym time, individual & group therapy, nutritious meals/snacks, and recreational activities) gives clients a taste of how productive and healthy they can be. Pairing this busy schedule with beautiful homes, fine food, gorgeous suite-style rooms, and fitting recreational activities gets clients excited about what all they can accomplish in sobriety. While many centers use punitive measures to force clients into recovery while in treatment, at The GRR we find it much more effective to inspire people into leading purpose-driven, loving, and sober lives. Such inspiration and self-motivation extends far beyond their time with us and can continue to effect them years and decades after treatment with us.



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Redefining Affordable Drug Treatment

Trying to find somewhere that merges quality with affordable drug treatment can be frustrating, but no fear, the GRR is here : )   Our newest facility, The Cottages in Sebastian, FL, re-defines affordable drug treatment as it offers a beautiful facility, all meals, gym membership, and activities/ transportation to them everyday. Our program has been perfected over the last 22 years and combines nutrition, physical exercise, 12 step meetings/living, individual and group therapy, supportive mentoring, recreational therapy, and re-immersion back into work. Our affordable drug treatment program in The Cottages begins at just 5k a month, less than half of comparable treatment centers! The Gonzalez Recovery Residences is also unique among affordable drug rehabs in our dedication to genuine sobriety (both physically and emotionally). We are able to have this deep sobriety as a major focus because our long-term program allows us to delve deeply and make lasting changes. Our clients who enter The Cottages are motivated to recover, have been through detox/ short term stabilization treatment, and are ready to move on to a transitional living program that is focused on re-integration into society. Interested in learning more? Call 843-283-8068 or email to get an online “packet” e-mailed to you!Image

Affordable Alcohol Treatment in Florida and Washington DC

By the time most alcoholics and addicts are willing to seek treatment for their substance addiction, their lives either already in shambles or on the fast track towards this end. Finances are often ruined, relationships strained to a breaking point, and times desperate. Such circumstances can make affordable alcohol treatment a top priority. The Gonzalez Recovery Residences is quite unique in our program design as it is designed to cost HALF the amount of comparable treatment centers. We emphasize affordable alcohol treatment because, through reduced rates, clients can stay in our supportive residences for longer. When one takes a gander at the scientific evidence on what is the best predictive factor of life-long sobriety, the length of time already sober emerges as the clear frontrunner. By providing quality affordable alcohol treatment, our clients are able to graduate from our program with significant time and experience being sober, an absolutely invaluable accomplishment. We work to bridge the gap between sequestered detox/ primary treatment and “real life” by merging the two in our 3 Phase System (around which our affordable alcohol treatment program is based). This way, clients get the structure and attention of a sequestered experience while also learning how to navigate their work and social lives soberly. By getting our clients back itno the working world while still in treatment, we help minimize the financial impact of seeking treatment for a substance addiction. Steeped in 22 years of tradition and quality, the Gonzalez Recovery Residence’s affordable alcohol treatment program is designed to transition addicts and alcoholics into productive, joyous, and contributing members of society.

Checklist to Determine the Best Rehab Centers

Alcoholics and addicts are used to taking risks– they gamble their lives each time they use their substance(s) of choice. Such gambles with the devil must end when it comes to choosing a treatment center as quality and results of treatment are too important to leave to chance. When a person choses their treatment center, they are taking the first step towards regaining the power to direct his/her own life and therefore and to ensure that this journey continues, only the best rehab centers should be considered. Unfortunately I can’t give a list of which centers across the nation and world meet this criteria, but I can give you a checklist that should be used to assess the quality of a program.

How to Sort the Best Rehab Centers from the Rest:

1. The best treatment centers offer different programs for different budgets– the point of rehab is not to have clients go broke but get the assistance they need to thrive when they leave

2. The best programs are ones that have been around for a substantial length of time– operating for at least 7 years is a good marker for a quality program

3. Weekly individual and group therapy sessions with addiction specialized therapists should be an integral part of the program

4. Focus on the actual development of productive coping skills (to replace the addiction) should be stressed rather than mere “teaching” of the skills

5. Step-down program should be available so clients can transition back into the working world succesfully and cope with family/social stressors that will always be present

6. The best rehab centers have been publicly endorsed by well-published and respected leaders in the addiction field

7. When you first call the center, the person who answers the phone should be exceptionally knowledgeable about the program and able to answer any questions you might have or refer you immediately to someone who can

8. Before ever arriving at the center, you should have the name and direct contact information of a patient advocate that you can reach at any time. He or she should have asked thoroughly about your history, addiction, and all presenting symptoms.


If you’re interested in learning more about The Gonzalez Recovery Residences, please call us directly at 772-633-1097 or e-mail 

A Day in the Life

We know, we know, long term rehab sounds about as appealing for an alcoholic/addict as a shower does to a cat. Life without substance abuse for addicts/alcoholics is a scary thought- they honestly feel as if they NEED their drug of choice to function and cannot bear to part with it (hence why they are still drinking or using after substantial negative consequences caused by the substance abuse). Since the idea of actually, genuinely, recovering is alarming to the addict/alcoholic, it makes sense that the idea of long term rehab would make these people run for the hills! This knee jerk reaction occurs because the absolute best statistical predictor of life long sobriety is TIME SPENT SOBER, exactly what long term rehab centers mandates for clients. The addicted part of the individual is deeply frightened by this time commitment as its (the addiction) chances of surviving after this type of treatment are GREATLY diminished.

So while we’ve already attempted to dissuade those with substance addictions from quaking in their boots when that-which-shall-not-be-named (long term rehab, shout out to all Harry Potter fans out there) is mentioned, in this blog we are going to SHOW you why we aren’t as scary as we sound and why you may need to seriously consider a long term rehab!

So here it goes, this is a Monday schedule for Villa Mitzner (one of our 3 homes in Florida) and a very similar schedule is followed at our Washington DC home (with meeting names etc changed of course).

8:00 am: Wakeup

8:30 am: Make your own breakfast (for those who are physically able) with ingredients each client has requested from the grocery store

9:00 am: Morning meditation and reading from a Relapse Prevention book with ensuing discussion

9:30 am: Make bed, tidy room, journal, and “free” time

11:00 am: AA or NA meeting begins

12:15 pm: Lunch after the meeting

1:30 pm: Gym or physical therapy time

3 pm: Individual appointments with therapists at the home, in the courtyard, or while walking outside

5 pm: A client or staff member begins making dinner for the group (each person does this once a week, as they are physically able)

6 pm: House dinner & clean up

7 pm: Leave for AA/NA meeting

8:15 pm- Bedtime: Arrive back for nighttime relaxation- reading, journaling, meditating, an evening snack, and watching tv are popular options at this time of night

3-4 times a week we also have recreational therapy time. This is when we take clients to Vero Beach’s shopping centers, visit the beachfront Main Street, go see a movie, take an outing to the beach, visit a museum, or watch a sporting event.

Doesn’t sound too bad after all, does it ; )   We keep our clients’ comfort and satisfaction a top priority because our goal is to help you achieve life-long freedom from substance use and the best way we (as a treatment center) can do this, is maximize your time spent sober while actively assisting you in creating productive coping mechanisms for your life. Here at the GRR we treat rehab as the ultimate privilege that it is and work to get each and every client excited about their sober life.