Luxury Alcohol Rehab

An alcohol addiction robs people of (at one time or another) their dignity, their relationships, and their ability to embrace both life’s challenges and beauty. It is important, then, that their first steps toward sobriety break this bleak pattern and awaken the alcoholic to the possibilities and excitement that a sober life allows. Luxury alcohol rehab programs, like The GRR, entice alcoholics into recovery. Oftentimes alcoholics drink in beautiful places while engaging in recreational activities like golf, socializing, or while watching sports & luxury alcohol rehab programs take the approach that individuals do not have to give up such pursuits when getting sober. Rather, luxury alcohol programs seek to show clients that without alcohol clouding their judgement, such endeavors can be much more enjoyable and the beauty of locales more distinct.

Transitioning clients into Phase 1 of our luxury rehab program (which consists of a highly structured schedule that includes: AA/NA meetings, gym time, individual & group therapy, nutritious meals/snacks, and recreational activities) gives clients a taste of how productive and healthy they can be. Pairing this busy schedule with beautiful homes, fine food, gorgeous suite-style rooms, and fitting recreational activities gets clients excited about what all they can accomplish in sobriety. While many centers use punitive measures to force clients into recovery while in treatment, at The GRR we find it much more effective to inspire people into leading purpose-driven, loving, and sober lives. Such inspiration and self-motivation extends far beyond their time with us and can continue to effect them years and decades after treatment with us.



Affordable Alcohol Treatment in Florida and Washington DC

By the time most alcoholics and addicts are willing to seek treatment for their substance addiction, their lives either already in shambles or on the fast track towards this end. Finances are often ruined, relationships strained to a breaking point, and times desperate. Such circumstances can make affordable alcohol treatment a top priority. The Gonzalez Recovery Residences is quite unique in our program design as it is designed to cost HALF the amount of comparable treatment centers. We emphasize affordable alcohol treatment because, through reduced rates, clients can stay in our supportive residences for longer. When one takes a gander at the scientific evidence on what is the best predictive factor of life-long sobriety, the length of time already sober emerges as the clear frontrunner. By providing quality affordable alcohol treatment, our clients are able to graduate from our program with significant time and experience being sober, an absolutely invaluable accomplishment. We work to bridge the gap between sequestered detox/ primary treatment and “real life” by merging the two in our 3 Phase System (around which our affordable alcohol treatment program is based). This way, clients get the structure and attention of a sequestered experience while also learning how to navigate their work and social lives soberly. By getting our clients back itno the working world while still in treatment, we help minimize the financial impact of seeking treatment for a substance addiction. Steeped in 22 years of tradition and quality, the Gonzalez Recovery Residence’s affordable alcohol treatment program is designed to transition addicts and alcoholics into productive, joyous, and contributing members of society.

Learning to Embrace Life “Straight Up”

Long term drug rehabs can seem like a death sentence to those with current substance addictions and, in a way, that feeling is accurate. A large part (often the biggest part of an addict or alcoholic’s life) will be dying during such treatment. This is often terrifying to an alcoholic or addict as, in many cases, the individual has completely forgotten what his/her life pre substance abuse was like. Without the chasing, using, and come down off the substance of choice to fill his/her days, life may seem daunting and unpredictable. Long term drug rehabs capitalize on the biggest resource they have to fight addiction (time) to breakdown this fear of sober living and help individuals realize their inherent potential and where it can lead them, IF they remain sober. Embracing, rather than fearing, living life “straight up” (that is without the use of substances to blur out unpleasant realities and dull the pleasant ones) is a gradual process that long term drug rehabs help transition clients through. Helping clients re-discover their passions, talents, self-confidence, and inherent vulnerability are all aspects of the very deep healing that long term drug rehabs, like The Gonzalez Recovery Residences, specialize in providing. If you’re interested in hearing more about our long term programs, e-mail or call 843-283-8068. Our website is