The Gonzalez Recovery Residences are a series of dignified homes in which people who struggle with substance abuse learn to thrive. These homes are “transitional” in nature meaning that our clients come to us from sequestered primary treatment centers/ detoxes and we help them develop and learn to use beneficial coping mechanisms for real-life stressors. As a “long term” program, our clients reside with us from 6 months (1 year recommended minimum) to 3 years. As clients progress through the phases of the program, they will move from a stabilization period into a phase where they will go back to work (part-time at the beginning) and will regain the ability to form and maintain close social bonds without the lubrication of their substance of choice. With 3 homes in the Treasure Coast area of Florida (Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Wabasso Beach) and 1 in the suburbs of Washington DC (Alexandria, VA) we are able to gradually introduce clients to an exciting and productive drug-free life without overwhelming them. Our Plantation Home offers executives and VIPs the luxury and amenities that they have come to expect. Villa Mitzner is our Spanish villa style home that features a central outdoor courtyard and is fully handicapped accessible. The Cottages are our most economical Recovery Residence and both private and semi-private rooms are available. Our fourth Residence is The Colonial Home in Alexandria, VA and is located within the Washington DC beltway so professionals who must maintain close ties to their jobs/ the city of DC enjoy sober luxury accommodations there.

For more information, visit http://www.thegrr.com, e-mail tiptonl@thegrr.com, or call 843-283-8068.


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