Treatment for Professionals in Washington DC Area



The Gonzalez Recovery Residences began over 22 years ago in Washington DC and has grown from a single apartment to 4 premier recovery residences. It can be extremely difficult to attract working professionals to inpatient drug treatment centers as leaving work can be a very scary proposition. The GRR’s Colonial Home, which is located in Alexandria, VA, is unique among inpatient drug treatment centers as everything from the location to the program to the AA/NA meetings attended are specific to recovering professionals. As many of our clients have stressful and demanding careers, a main focus of our program is to prepare them to soberly withstand such pressure when they return home. We are able to thoroughly prepare our clients for life-stressors because, unlike most other inpatient drug rehab centers, we are a long-term program that is based on phases. Our 3 phase system allows clients to slowly re-immerse themselves in a working and social world while staying safely supported in our recovery residences. Our first phase is structured like most inpatient drug rehab programs as it is highly structured and is based on achieving stabilization. Phase 2 requires clients to go back to part-time work and be well-connected in a local sober social community. Phase 3 requires clients to return to full-time work while still prioritizing their recovery first. By continuing to live in one of our inpatient drug treatment centers and participating in our activities/ 12- step meetings before and after work, we are able to provide support and intervention exactly when it is needed. Clients get actual practice with using new (productive) coping mechanisms for work/fiscal/social strife and have a mentor available 24/7 to help get him/her through the rough patches that characterize early recovery. Our location on the Washington DC beltway gives our clients the exceptional opportunity to work in the city during phase 2 and 3 of inpatient treatment. For more information, e-mail and an online “packet” of information will be e-mailed to you right away. If you’d prefer a hard copy of all such information, please e-mail with your mailing address.


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