Horrifying, so glad steps are being taken to actively combat this national health epidemic! Remove stigma from addiction so people can/will seek treatment!

Youth Research Hub

ImageHere are a few hints:

Over 10 million people are directly affected.

Physicians rarely screen for the problem.

Less than 7% of those with a diagnosis receive treatment.

Although effective evidence-based treatments exist, they are rarely implemented.

Have you guessed?

The answer is: Adolescent Substance Use

Why is adolescent substance use such an enormous public health concern? In a recent commentary, authors Emily Feinstein, Linda Richter and Susan Foster offer compelling arguments. Let’s take a look at some of the health-related, social, and economic costs and consequences of risky substance use they discuss.

  • Health-related problems and behaviors include addiction, death, suicide, homicide, violence, risky driving, and unsafe sex.
  • Social consequences include poor academic and career achievement and juvenile justice involvement.
  • In a single year (2007), the costs for youth violence, automobile accidents, risky sex, drug-related property crimes, alcohol-poisoning, and fetal alcohol syndrome among teen mothers in the U.S. totaled $68 Billion!

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