Inpatient Treatment Centers

Inpatient treatment centers remain the gold standard for those in acute need of help combating a substance addiction. Medical and psychological professionals are available and highly skilled in meeting the unique needs of alcoholics and addicts, which often turns out to be life-saving. As substance abusers tend to have an uncanny ability to lie and manipulate, inpatient treatment centers are incredible in their ability to see through these ruses and act according to what the addict/alcoholic actually needs, not what they want. Early in treatment, the individual may be very hostile to the program as it represents the one thing that they are unable to weasel their way out of or lie to escape. Inpatient treatment centers force addicts/alcoholics to reflect on times that individuals would much rather simply forget about in order to decipher life’s lessons. Such an adjustment to taking an honest look at one’s current self and one’s past can be uncomfortable in the beginning but the highly trained staff of inpatient treatment centers are able to work with clients to help them eventually embrace this new-found degree of honesty. In addition, these well-prepared professionals help empower clients to make healthy decisions in the future. While the journey to sobriety (literal and emotional) can be exceptionally trying, investing in a solid treatment team and program, like those offered in inpatient treatment centers, is the best first step towards leaving an active addiction in the past. Email to find out why The Gonzalez Recovery Residences have risen to national acclaim for our long-term substance abuse recovery programs.



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