Executive Drug Rehab


The Gonzalez Recovery Residences’ executive drug rehab program is for those certain individuals who are accustomed to the finer things in life and believe that recovery from a substance addiction should be treated as a luxury, not as a punishment. Clients who come into our executive drug rehab program are often individuals with demanding top-level jobs and often appear, to the unsuspecting eye, as someone who is a great success. These clients’ drug of choice is usually alcohol, prescription drugs, and/or stimulants like cocaine. As our executive drug rehab clients are often perfectionists and connoisseurs of quality, we hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards of care so we can not simply meet, but exceed, their expectations of treatment. These clients live in our flagship Plantation Home, a 7 bedroom gorgeous home on the water that sits on a 46 acre gated preserve features both a pool and tennis court. The seclusion that the gated property affords is of great importance to many of our executive drug rehab clients as privacy is among their top concerns. The location and large wrap-around porches (complete with rocking chairs) also gives our executive drug rehab clients a respite from their typical hectic days and allows to focus internally on growth and sobriety. To learn more, contact Lauren Ashley directly at 843-283-8068 or at tiptonl@thegrr.com



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