FAQs on Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

Top FAQs on The GRR’s Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers:

***(in addition to those discussed in yesterday’s blog about Drug Treatment Centers, same rules and program apply to addicts and alcoholics at The GRR)

Q6. My pet means the world to me. If I decide to seek inpatient alcohol treatment, what will happen to him/her/them?

A6. We will assist you in finding a place for your beloved animal to stay while you seek the lifesaving help that you deserve. In certain cases, an animal may be allowed to reside alongside a client in our recovery residences. If we cannot accommodate your pet in the home and you are not from the Vero Beach or Washington DC area, we can help you to locate safe, supportive, and engaging care for your pet either in your hometown or nearby our facilities.

Q7. What’s this about required social networking?

A7. Something many clients/ families don’t expect from inpatient alcohol treatment centers is a stipulation requiring clients to be social. At The Gonzalez Recovery Residences, however, we find that being well-connected to a strong recovery community is essential for life-long sobriety. We have also noticed, throughout our 22 years as a treatment center, that addicts and alcoholics usually struggle immensely with social interactions that don’t involve alcohol and/or drugs. By requiring clients to meet, have conversations with, and learn from others in recovery, we help increase the chance of a client reaching out to someone in a position to help when temptation to use occurs.

Q8: What is the actual requirement about socialization/ meeting people outside of the treatment facility who are in good standing with AA/NA?

A8: We require each client invite 3 individuals of the same sex over for dinner, an activity, lunch, etc per week.

Q9: Since inpatient alcohol treatment centers are usually not in one’s home community, are family and/or close friends from home involved in the treatment process?

A9: We encourage each and every client to have their close friends/ family join us at The GRR. As our mission is to prepare our clients for all the trials of life they will be facing, exposure to their realistic social stressors and/or supports is key while the client remains in a safe environment (in our recovery residences with 24/7 support and professional counselors).

Q10: I’m not sure that I’m ready to commit to long term treatment yet, is there a way that I can come and get the feel for your program/ facilities first?

A10: Yes and we highly encourage you to! We are able to sign clients out of his/her primary treatment facility (if that is where you will be coming from) and give you a tour of our homes (3 within half an hour from one another in the Treasure Coast of FL and 1 in the suburbs of Washington DC in Alexandria, VA). You will be invited to meet other residents, chat with staff, and get a true taste of how The GRR works. To arrange a tour/meet-and-greet, call Lauren at 843-283-8068 or email tiptonl@thegrr.com



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