5 FAQs on Inpatient Drug Treatment

FAQs About The GRR’s Inpatient Drug Treatment Program:

Q1. How long does the program last?

A1. The GRR program is solely a long-term program and the recommended minimum stay in one year, although select clients are ready to move on between 6 months and 1 year. The program can last up to 3 years and, for the second two years, if a client is a good role model to newer residents and in good standing with the program, (s)he can become a “house manager” where upon the fees for the program are waived in exchange for time “on duty” with fellow residents.


Q2: In inpatient drug treatment programs, am I allowed to take medications that I need (for high blood pressure, sleep, pain, etc)?

A2: Upon entering the GRR, you will be extensively interviewed by a local addiction medicine doctor who will determine which medications you absolutely must be on (and you will be allowed to take these medicines) and which are substitutions for your addictive behavior (often sleeping or pain pills but there are exceptions to this). As your health/needs change throughout your course of treatment, you will return to an addiction medicine specialist to inform health/medication decisions.

Q3. How can I afford inpatient drug treatment, especially one that is so long term?

A3. Inpatient drug treatment is an investment of your time, energy, and money and is lifesaving. At The GRR, we strive to cost you half the money per month of comparable treatment centers so that you can invest double the amount of time and energy into your recovery (which is the BEST predictor of one’s ability to stay sober). Clients go back to work, part-time in Phase 2 and full-time in Phase 3, and can earn money towards his/her treatment this way. Often our clients are professionals who work remotely from our facilities during these latter two phases, but some residents work in our local community (interior design, service industry, culinary arts, etc).

Q4: Are electronics (phones, computers, ipods, tablets) allowed?

A4: Yes, provided they are not distracting you from your recovery process or hindering it in any way. For most clients, we ask for their electronics (except tablets for reading and ipods for music) for the first few weeks to help them transition into our serious recovery program. We provide a house phone for checking in with family/friends.

Q5: Will I meet regularly with a therapist during treatment?

A5: Yes, you will have professionally-led group and/or individual therapy 3x a week and your house manager will be intimately familiar with recovery from substance abuse and is able to serve as a mentor at any time.

To be continued! Answering common questions about PETS, FAMILY CONTACT, RULES, SOCIAL REQUIREMENTS, and more!

Call 843-283-8068 to speak to an admissions counselor or e-mail tiptonl@thegrr.com for general or specific inquiries.


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