Learning to Embrace Life “Straight Up”

Long term drug rehabs can seem like a death sentence to those with current substance addictions and, in a way, that feeling is accurate. A large part (often the biggest part of an addict or alcoholic’s life) will be dying during such treatment. This is often terrifying to an alcoholic or addict as, in many cases, the individual has completely forgotten what his/her life pre substance abuse was like. Without the chasing, using, and come down off the substance of choice to fill his/her days, life may seem daunting and unpredictable. Long term drug rehabs capitalize on the biggest resource they have to fight addiction (time) to breakdown this fear of sober living and help individuals realize their inherent potential and where it can lead them, IF they remain sober. Embracing, rather than fearing, living life “straight up” (that is without the use of substances to blur out unpleasant realities and dull the pleasant ones) is a gradual process that long term drug rehabs help transition clients through. Helping clients re-discover their passions, talents, self-confidence, and inherent vulnerability are all aspects of the very deep healing that long term drug rehabs, like The Gonzalez Recovery Residences, specialize in providing. If you’re interested in hearing more about our long term programs, e-mail tiptonl@thegrr.com or call 843-283-8068. Our website is http://www.thegrr.com


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