Wanting Recovery for Yourself

One of the most important, yet ignored, phrase one will hear in inpatient substance abuse treatment programs is: you’ve got to do this for YOURSELF. While it is hard to overly stress the importance of others in our lives, the only aspect of life that is guaranteed from when you’re born to when you die is that YOU’LL be in it. As much as we don’t want them to, spouses can leave, friends can drift apart, parents can pass away, and children can go off on their own. This is why inpatient substance abuse treatment centers stress that clients truly need to be getting better for his/her own sake. Often, however, the addicts or alcoholic does feels 1) that his/her addiction is not harming his/her life in a meaningful way or 2) that he/she does not deserve to recover or 3) he/she cannot recover. Due to the common trains of thought for addicts/alcoholics, the initial reason many of them arrive in inpatient substance abuse treatment is to appease a loved one. As he/she goes through the program, however, the motivation for recovery must grow deeper- from an outside source to an inner desire and will. In order to cultivate such a internal motivation for recovery, addicts and alcoholics must come to understand that he/she deserves a new chance at life and that is his/her responsibility to make wise decisions about how to live it. Guilt, whether it is expressed or not, often weighs heavily on the conscious of the addict/alcoholic. It takes time for addicts and alcoholics to realize that they do not have to spend the rest of their lives paying for mistakes and choices made earlier. Inpatient substance abuse treatment centers must be concerned with the evolution of clients’ will to recover and take strides to ensure that each client cultivates his/her own internal motivation so long-term sobriety can be achieved.


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