Superb Sober Superbowl Sunday

My experience in a residential drug rehab has prepared me to plan the most epic SOBER Superbowl Sunday partyAddicts & alcoholics often envision sober life as boring and I am determined to fight that stigma! Watching a client in residential drug rehab have his first success with surfing (wow, it’s amazing how much more BALANCE CONTROL you have now!) and seeing another client celebrate her birthday sober for the first time in decades are hardly somber occasions. Rather, being on the sober side, you actually get to understand the jokes, participate in lively and witty conversation, and never pass out before big games get interesting. Since residential drug rehab showed me the fun (JOYOUS) side of sobriety, I am now in prime condition to plan and execute an EPIC Superbowl party (one that people don’t even need to lose their senses through substance abuse to enjoy) and here are my tips! Thanks to residential drug rehab I now understand the importance of such sober parties : )

Tips for a Superb Sober Superbowl Fiesta:

1. Have a wide variety delicious (non-alcoholic) drinks available- homemade strawberry lemonade, vanilla (diet) coke, orange fanta floats, cream soda in glass bottles, etc!

2. Before the game starts, have a festive PUMP UP music playlist on!

3. Have football themed snacks easily accessible (cake in the shape of a football anyone?!)

4. Ensure everyone has seating that allows them to see the TV for the game!

5. Make a game out of guessing what each commercial is advertising and the party guest who gets the most right (at the end of the game) will receive some sort of award! (Addicts and alcoholics love competitions, make it fun by getting creative/funny with the award)

6. Bring out a football themed dessert at the end of the game to sweeten everyone’s nights (even those who aren’t so happy with the game’s outcome)

7. Encourage confetti guns (safe handling is key)


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