Emotional sobriety doesn’t get much press but is something we find that our clients REALLY struggle with and often must be taught how to handle

Emotional Sobriety: Mind, Body, & Soul

27469629066_08f992b311_zBecause there are hundreds of bloggers writing about his/her recovery, I do a weekly post about an aspect of recovery which includes excerpts from some good posts. Today’s topic is learning to love yourself in recovery.

1. From the Maven (stay-at-home-mayhem.blogspot.com): How to be as High on Yourself as I am: a Self-Esteem Primer:

“We have one life to live. One. (Unless you believe in reincarnation. But then you might be born a toad or or a mushroom or something, so that doesn’t really count anyway.) Do you really want to waste it feeling like shit all the time? What purpose is that serving? And believe me: It is serving some kind of purpose, so you need to figure out what that is.”

“Are you keeping yourself down because you’re afraid of taking any steps to fix it? Is it comfortable doing what you’re doing, even if it’s not pleasant?…

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