Checklist to Determine the Best Rehab Centers

Alcoholics and addicts are used to taking risks– they gamble their lives each time they use their substance(s) of choice. Such gambles with the devil must end when it comes to choosing a treatment center as quality and results of treatment are too important to leave to chance. When a person choses their treatment center, they are taking the first step towards regaining the power to direct his/her own life and therefore and to ensure that this journey continues, only the best rehab centers should be considered. Unfortunately I can’t give a list of which centers across the nation and world meet this criteria, but I can give you a checklist that should be used to assess the quality of a program.

How to Sort the Best Rehab Centers from the Rest:

1. The best treatment centers offer different programs for different budgets– the point of rehab is not to have clients go broke but get the assistance they need to thrive when they leave

2. The best programs are ones that have been around for a substantial length of time– operating for at least 7 years is a good marker for a quality program

3. Weekly individual and group therapy sessions with addiction specialized therapists should be an integral part of the program

4. Focus on the actual development of productive coping skills (to replace the addiction) should be stressed rather than mere “teaching” of the skills

5. Step-down program should be available so clients can transition back into the working world succesfully and cope with family/social stressors that will always be present

6. The best rehab centers have been publicly endorsed by well-published and respected leaders in the addiction field

7. When you first call the center, the person who answers the phone should be exceptionally knowledgeable about the program and able to answer any questions you might have or refer you immediately to someone who can

8. Before ever arriving at the center, you should have the name and direct contact information of a patient advocate that you can reach at any time. He or she should have asked thoroughly about your history, addiction, and all presenting symptoms.


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