An Affordable Drug Rehab That Doesn’t Skimp on Quality

The Gonzalez Recovery Residences offers a variety of transitional homes for those struggling with substance addiction: an extraordinary waterfront luxurious home on a 50 acre private Florida wetlands estate, a Spanish Villa where all bedrooms open up to a landscaped interior courtyard, a 7 bedroom stately colonial style home in Alexandria, VA , and a highly affordable drug rehab program in the cozy Cottages of Sebastian, FL.

While each home operates as a separate entity, with the exception of a weekly Sunday night BBQ for the 3 Florida homes, all 4 homes follow the exact same Gonzalez Recovery Program. This means that while each home might have memberships to different levels of gyms and partake in different types of recreational activities, all homes follow the same basic daily schedule and operate on the 3 Phase System. Due to this consistency, we are able to provide the quality and results of executive treatment at an affordable drug rehab price for the residents of The Cottages, Villa Mitzner, and The Colonial Home. By offering affordable drug rehab that is consistent with our well-established 22 year old executive program, we are hoping to enable people to stay in treatment for longer, which is the best predictor of life-long sobriety. Our most affordable drug rehab rates begin at just $5,000/month and Phase 2 & 3 allows clients to go back to work in the local community or remotely through a computer. This is exceptionally less than most rehabs and with our emphasis on developing & practicing life-skills, we genuinely prepare clients to re-establish a life worth living after they leave our homes.

“The Cottages” are pictured below and are located in Sebastian, FL

Call 843-283-8068 or e-mail for more information on any residence



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