Does the NIGHTMARE End with Inpatient Alcohol Treatment?


Alcoholism is a nightmare for all involved: the alcoholic has usually lost all hope that his/her life can ever turn around; spouses are left with only shattered remnants of the person they married; children are left angry, confused, and scared; and parents feel like utter failures. Those who work with alcoholics are plagued by the individual’s erratic behavior.This is when interventions are usually staged and inpatient alcohol treatment is brought up for serious consideration (not just an empty threat this time around). Reluctantly, many alcoholics agree to a 27 days inpatient alcohol treatment program- after all, they think to themselves, how much change could a program possibly mandate in just 27 days?! About 1/3 of those who seek inpatient alcohol treatment emerge from the center truly changed and leave their addiction in the past. This leaves the other 2/3 who will require more than a primary treatment center can provide. Unfortunately, after rehab, most people go straight home and that’s where the trouble begins but this is also where The Gonzalez Recovery Residences steps in! We take clients who will benefit from help with the transition between a sequestered primary treatment experience to the “wild world” that returning home implies. Like a primary inpatient alcohol treatment program, we require clients in Phase 1 to follow a highly regimented schedule that includes gym visits, nutritious meals, AA/NA meetings, and individual/group therapy. Phase 2 requires time management skills to be honed as the client learns to balance recovery with jobs, social connectivity, and making concrete plans for the return to/ re-establishment of home. The time spent in a recovery residence (which differs from a sober house by our emphasis on structure and stability- no people moving in and out all the time!) gives clients the time to practice the skills that they’ve learned that will help them stay sober. Being surrounded by other motivated individuals in early recovery who are set upon re-establishing a life worth living for themselves gives clients an environment in which they can THRIVE. So while the nightmare of alcoholism doesn’t end with primary inpatient alcohol treatment for 2/3 of those who go, there is hope for the other 2/3rds that is provided in the form of Recovery Residences!


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