A Day in the Life

We know, we know, long term rehab sounds about as appealing for an alcoholic/addict as a shower does to a cat. Life without substance abuse for addicts/alcoholics is a scary thought- they honestly feel as if they NEED their drug of choice to function and cannot bear to part with it (hence why they are still drinking or using after substantial negative consequences caused by the substance abuse). Since the idea of actually, genuinely, recovering is alarming to the addict/alcoholic, it makes sense that the idea of long term rehab would make these people run for the hills! This knee jerk reaction occurs because the absolute best statistical predictor of life long sobriety is TIME SPENT SOBER, exactly what long term rehab centers mandates for clients. The addicted part of the individual is deeply frightened by this time commitment as its (the addiction) chances of surviving after this type of treatment are GREATLY diminished.

So while we’ve already attempted to dissuade those with substance addictions from quaking in their boots when that-which-shall-not-be-named (long term rehab, shout out to all Harry Potter fans out there) is mentioned, in this blog we are going to SHOW you why we aren’t as scary as we sound and why you may need to seriously consider a long term rehab!

So here it goes, this is a Monday schedule for Villa Mitzner (one of our 3 homes in Florida) and a very similar schedule is followed at our Washington DC home (with meeting names etc changed of course).

8:00 am: Wakeup

8:30 am: Make your own breakfast (for those who are physically able) with ingredients each client has requested from the grocery store

9:00 am: Morning meditation and reading from a Relapse Prevention book with ensuing discussion

9:30 am: Make bed, tidy room, journal, and “free” time

11:00 am: AA or NA meeting begins

12:15 pm: Lunch after the meeting

1:30 pm: Gym or physical therapy time

3 pm: Individual appointments with therapists at the home, in the courtyard, or while walking outside

5 pm: A client or staff member begins making dinner for the group (each person does this once a week, as they are physically able)

6 pm: House dinner & clean up

7 pm: Leave for AA/NA meeting

8:15 pm- Bedtime: Arrive back for nighttime relaxation- reading, journaling, meditating, an evening snack, and watching tv are popular options at this time of night

3-4 times a week we also have recreational therapy time. This is when we take clients to Vero Beach’s shopping centers, visit the beachfront Main Street, go see a movie, take an outing to the beach, visit a museum, or watch a sporting event.

Doesn’t sound too bad after all, does it ; )   We keep our clients’ comfort and satisfaction a top priority because our goal is to help you achieve life-long freedom from substance use and the best way we (as a treatment center) can do this, is maximize your time spent sober while actively assisting you in creating productive coping mechanisms for your life. Here at the GRR we treat rehab as the ultimate privilege that it is and work to get each and every client excited about their sober life.





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