Why a Long Term Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol is a tricky drug, it’s idealized as the legal way to lose inhibitions, be more interesting and fun, and escape daily worries. Unlike illicit drugs, alcohol is blatantly advertised everywhere from tv commercials during football half times to fashion magazines and travel guides. One can purcase it at supermarkets, restaurants, specialty stores, gas stations, and now even at some Starbucks. One cannot simply avoid seeing or being around alcohol because of the high profits is brings to establishments serving or promoting the legal substance. Unlike with illicit drugs, those in recovery from alcoholism cannot avoid the drug of choice by breaking ties with certain individuals/subcultures that enable drug use. This inability of recovering alcoholics to completely avoid references to alcohol makes them a unique cohort that long term alcohol rehab programs cater specially towards.


Long term alcohol rehab focuses on preparing the individual for an enjoyable, purpose-driven, and sober rest of their life. Just as an alcohol addiction isn’t developed overnight, learning to navigate life soberly again (amidst the mess that alcoholism often brings with it- destroyed relationships, financial strife, low self-esteem) takes time. This is scary to many addicts- time is the one thing they don’t want to give a rehab center because it means that they are going to have to give themselves and their addiction a good, hard look. Alcoholics often don’t want to come to a long term alcohol rehab because it might actually mean, gasp, that alcohol will have to be left in their past. It is important to acknowledge that many alcoholics tend to view their drink of choice as somewhat of a best friend– comforting, omnipresent, and distracting & this is why they are so reluctant to give up alcohol. At long term alcohol rehab centers, like the Gonzalez Recovery Residences, the underlying needs that drove a person to continue to drink despite the overwhelmingly negative consequences are carefully examined and alternate (productive) ways to meet these needs are both proposed and put into practice. Interested in hearing more? Call 843-283-8068 oremail an admissions counselor at tiptonl@thegrr.com for an online “packet” about our program to be e-mailed right over to you!


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