The GRR- The LAST Residential Treatment Center You’ll Ever Need

Our most common type of client is the “reluctant to recover” chronically relapsing individual who has been through (at least 1) residential treatment center already. It’s a tough population to cater to, these individuals have often given up hope on themselves to some extent and struggle with doubts about their ability to ever live soberly. While difficult, we find that dealing with this high-needs population is the most rewarding way to engage in the recovery field. Providing clients with the absolute last residential treatment center that they will ever need has been our goal since the beginning (almost 23 years ago!) We take clients out of detox/primary treatment and provide them with a well-established program that allows them to step back into their “normal” lives in a way that is empowering rather than overwhelming. Unlike most residential treatment center programs, the GRR requires clients (one stabilized in our program) to start working part-time again and to be well integrated in the local recovery community. These basic needs- to be social and productive members of society– are often overlooked by other residential treatment centers that only focus on keeping individuals sober during their sequestered stay at the rehab. We understand the anxiety that is related to being social soberly (many of our clients haven’t done this for decades) and re-entering the working world (which may have been a large factor in one’s development of an addiction) and therefore provide much support and help along the way! While the GRR is a residential treatment center program, we do not confine individuals to our property like most programs because we believe that addicts/alcoholics must learn how to function “in the real world” to be succesful in their pursuit of life-long sobriety.

Call 843-283-8068 for more information on our 4 facilities (3 in the Treasure Coast of FL and 1 in the Washington DC suburbs)


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