Luxury Drug Rehab & The Plantation Home

ImageBedroom at The Plantation House

One could easily say the Gonzalez Recovery Residences is a jack of all trades; we excel at offering substance abuse treatment in a conservative/affordable facility, a suburban home in Washington DC, a Spanish style villa, and a high-end secluded Plantation House (our flagship luxury drug rehab ).

While all houses are run in accordance with the same program, there are particular features of the Plantation Home, in particular,  that make it palatable to high-end clients. While there are many options for short-term luxury drug rehab, there are very few facilities that offer extended care in dignified residences that allow executive clients to feel comfortable and content in their recovery lifestyle. Sobriety isn’t about what our clients lose when they walk through our doors but it is about all that they’ve gained (and will continue to gain) by being freed from their restrictive addictions. Lives are opened back up- family travel becomes an option again, romance is restored in intimate relationships, energy & passion can be devoted to one’s career, and spending quality time with loved ones becomes an everyday occurance. Unfortunately, executives & succesful professionals are unlikely to maxmize their chances of life-long recovery because the majority of transitional living facilities are disorganized, of low-quality, and unkempt. This is where the GRR’s luxury drug rehab program steps in, we allow professionals who have completed primary treatment to slowly step back into their lives (their workload, family, social circle, etc) while being monitored by addiction specialists and while maintaining the attitude that recovery must be the top priority. By providing a place where recovery is enjoyable and exciting to those with discriminating tastes, we are able to extend one’s luxury drug rehab experience and ensure recovery is viewed as the glorious oppurtunity that it truly is.


Services our luxury drug rehab program can help arrange for clients:

1. Cultural events (lectures, museums, theater, etc)

2. Golf and tennis (lessons or just playing oppurtunity)

3. Massage

4. Accupuncture

5. Horse Boarding

6. Music lessons

7. Spa appointments

8. Nutritionist appointments

9. Holistic healing approaches

10. Yoga


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