Long term drug rehab – not as scary as it sounds!

Words like “long term” and “rehab” have a tendency to send shivers up peoples’ spines, but it is really their addiction that should be shaking in its boots. Why? Because, as inconvenient as it may sound, the best statistical predictor of life-long sobriety is the time one already has under their belt sober. As busy people, we are often looking for a shortcut, but here at the GRR we know that there is no easy “elevator ride” to joyous sobriety, rather one must take the long route (or the steps in this case to complete the metaphor- the 12 steps of AA/NA to be exact). Long term drug rehab allows individuals the time that’s absolutely necessary to revitalize both their body and mind while not only planning for their life post-treatment, but actively preparing for it.


While shorter term programs can give you a general guide for how to soberly navigate life, long term drug rehab gives individuals actual practice doing just that. What do we mean by practice? We mean that our clients re-engage in work (part-time progressing to full-time), become fully socially integrated in the local recovery community, and pursue recreational interests all while prioritizing their recovery first. It sounds much simpler than it is ( a cold beer or line of cocaine starts to sound really good to those in early recovery who had a bad day at work, got stuck in traffic and missed his/her tee time, and forgot it was his/her night to cook dinner). Just as one builds up tolerance to drugs or alcohol, one must build up tolerance to life’s daily stressors in a safe environment that is staffed with individuals who truly understand and have the resources and knowledge to reach out & help clients who are struggling. Often these stressors don’t emerge right away, but rather they “take a while to brew.” This is where the “long term” portion of long term drug rehab really shines through. You can sweep interpersonal differences with those you reside with under the rug, feign contentment at a job you dislike, and neglect to think about a time in your past that makes you uncomfortable only for so long. Eventually, you’ll have to actually do something about these life problems (problems that often also exist in the addict/alcoholic’s “real home”) while remaining sober.

Our long term drug rehab program takes into account that your addiction did not develop overnight, nor did it develop in isolation from the rest of your life, and that’s why we’ve been exceptionally successful at providing motivated alcoholics/ addicts with treatment for 22 years. As the facilities have grown from 1 apartment to 4 well-appointed Recovery Residences, we’ve stayed true to our mission of restoring meaning, purpose, vision, vitality and laughter to one’s life and we’d love to invite you to tour our facilities and learn more about our extensive program for those struggling with substance dependency.


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