Why a Florida Rehab?

What is it like to attend a Florida rehab? Is Florida really a “recovery hot spot” and what does that translate to for people in early recovery? If I want to really get better, how long will I be in a Florida rehab?


These are all common questions that prospective residents have regarding attending a Florida rehab for substance addictions and we’d love to sum up the answers for you here! First of all, recovering in Florida is absolutely ideal as tranquil surroundings, skies full of uninterrupted moon/starlight, and white sands provide the perfect opportunity to reflect and regroup. Many of our residents come to us from pressured professional lives and both physically and mentally need a break from the excessive hustle and bustle of those lives. A serene environment allows clients to ground themselves to realign life priorities and develop helpful coping mechanisms. As a leading Florida rehab, we provide ensure our clients first return to the basics- good nutrition, restful sleep, self-respect, and exercise before assisting them with returning to work or family.

Florida’s pristine beaches are paired with thriving towns and cities, which make it quite an attractive place for recent graduates of rehabs to stick around in. This phenomenon allows for AA and NA meetings in Florida to be especially vibrant as you have the intermingling between rehab graduates from 20-30 years back and the newcomers. This is how Florida became known as one of the great “recovery hot spots” and translates to sober communities with extensive life-experience and meetings filled with well-appropriated words of wisdom.

Our answer to the third question may take some of you by surprise, but after a quick glance over the existing literature on the topic, you will understand the reasoning. The number one predictor of one’s ability to stay sober is how long s/he has already gone without drinking or using. Therefore, when in a Florida rehab, the longer a person stays and gets experience surviving and thriving with drugs or alcohol, the higher the chance of them abstaining from substance use for life. For this reason, if you want to attend a Florida rehab, it is in your best interest to go to a long-term program where recommended stays are a minimum of 6 months long.


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