VERO BEACH Low-Priced Luxury Addiction Treatment in Vero Beach, FL

  1. 1. GONZALEZ RECOVERY RESIDENCES in Alexandria, Virginia offer affordable and luxury drug rehabs | gender specific drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers for men and women.

Northern Virginia upscale, holistic and affordable drug rehabs | addiction and alcoholism treatment recovery services in Northern Virginia; Washington, DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac.

  1. GONZALEZ RECOVERY RESIDENCES in Vero Beach, Florida offer affordable and luxury drug rehabs | gender specific drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers for men and women.

South Florida upscale, holistic and affordable drug rehabs | addiction and alcoholism treatment recovery services in South Florida including; Vero Beach, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Palm Bay

WELCOME TO: “The González Recovery Residences (The GRR)” … providing customized, affordable, luxury, drug and alcohol addiction treatment and long-term transitional sober living services starting at only $5,000/month…

“Highly effective, affordable, luxury drug & alcohol treatment in a beautiful setting is available….”

The GRR benefits addicts and alcoholics who have the tools essential to recovery, often chronic relapsers having had previous detox and in-patient treatment, but need support applying recovery principles in a comfortable, inspirational, real world environment!

– Northern Virginia.
– Treasure Coast; Vero Beach and Sebastian, Florida

Founded in 1990, The González Recovery Residences bridge the gap between high-end private addiction treatment with affordable & effective long-term recovery solutions & transitional sober living. We offer a “Customized Care” rehab solution that enables our clients to benefit from an extremely broad array of addiction treatment services. Whether you need fully integrated detox & inpatient care, structured outpatient treatment or transitional sober living housing, our extensive network of services and top-tier treatment specialists look at each client very closely in order to develop the most effective short and long-term treatment plan!

González Recovery Residences utilize a gradual “Three Phase” system which enables our clients to get integrative, practical recovery while returning to normal work, school, family… life. The González Recovery Residences provide dignified transitional housing and structured sober living environments for professionals, executives and other discerning individuals experiencing difficulty in maintaining comfortable sobriety.

Treatment professionals agree that successful recovery from addiction & alcoholism is most prevalent in longer-term, supportive transitional environments that enable newly sober individuals to incrementally introduce elements of “the real world” into their lives.

  • THE GRR – Featuring comfortable, spacious, recovery & transitional sober residences located in Alexandria, VA and Vero Beach, FL
  • THE GRR – Providing structured, proactively tailored treatment plans ranging in cost from as little as $3,000/mo depending on needs & services
    – PHASE 1: Initial stage / highly structured
    – PHASE 2: Semi-structured / begin transition
    – PHASE 3: Independent sober living w/ stipulations
    – THE ALEXANDRIA, long term treatment, long term residential substance abuse treatment(Licensed by State of VA)
    – FLORIDA PLANTATION longterm rehab, long term rehab facilities, long term rehabilitation ( (high-end)
    – THE COTTAGES affordable drug rehab, long term rehab, long term rehab programs Wabasso, FL)
    – VILLA MIZNER long term rehabs, long term rehabilitation, long term drug rehab(Vero Beach, FL)
  • A dignified stress reducing way of life that gradually integrates the resident into everyday structured sober living
  • Evening and/or day holistic recovery programs including healthy balanced nutrition and regular exercise, recreational activities
  • The opportunity to implement individualized, supportive, continuing treatment plan as set by treatment professional, family & client
  • The opportunity to develop a therapeutic recovery-oriented “family” and community atmosphere in early sobriety
  • Affordable, upscale, highly effective recovery & transitional program endorsed by Father Joseph Martin, co-Founder of Father Martin’s Ashley and relapse prevention specialist Terence Gorski!
  • Providing a network of independent addiction treatment specialists and services geared to address the unique needs and issues of each individual client
  • CONTACT US 24/7 at (772) 633-1097 or (800) 797-0938


Boris Gonzalez


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