March 25, 2013 – Twenty-Four Hours a Day


Luxury Alcohol Rehab

An alcohol addiction robs people of (at one time or another) their dignity, their relationships, and their ability to embrace both life’s challenges and beauty. It is important, then, that their first steps toward sobriety break this bleak pattern and awaken the alcoholic to the possibilities and excitement that a sober life allows. Luxury alcohol rehab programs, like The GRR, entice alcoholics into recovery. Oftentimes alcoholics drink in beautiful places while engaging in recreational activities like golf, socializing, or while watching sports & luxury alcohol rehab programs take the approach that individuals do not have to give up such pursuits when getting sober. Rather, luxury alcohol programs seek to show clients that without alcohol clouding their judgement, such endeavors can be much more enjoyable and the beauty of locales more distinct.

Transitioning clients into Phase 1 of our luxury rehab program (which consists of a highly structured schedule that includes: AA/NA meetings, gym time, individual & group therapy, nutritious meals/snacks, and recreational activities) gives clients a taste of how productive and healthy they can be. Pairing this busy schedule with beautiful homes, fine food, gorgeous suite-style rooms, and fitting recreational activities gets clients excited about what all they can accomplish in sobriety. While many centers use punitive measures to force clients into recovery while in treatment, at The GRR we find it much more effective to inspire people into leading purpose-driven, loving, and sober lives. Such inspiration and self-motivation extends far beyond their time with us and can continue to effect them years and decades after treatment with us.


Journey Through Recovery

For the first few days you’re probably going to want to stay in bed.  That is just fine, just be sure to use the phone, call someone you have met at the meeting.  No matter what do not use.  Just make sure you may get to a meeting once a day.  If you can go more than once a day it will kill time, it will help introduce you and get you used to the people in recovery and it will get you out of the house.

Just take it one day at a time, goal minute by minute if you have to do.  I would tell myself, “I lasted this long all call my dealer in another hour.” Do not think in terms of forever, stay in today.  If you all overwhelm yourself with thinking you can never use again, you are probably not going to last that long. …

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Narconon Fresh Start

Drugs and alcohol affect a person’s mind. It changes the way their brain functions causing them to have trouble with their memory. When a person has taken a substance it can cause them to become forgetful and irresponsible. They may even believe things that are false; such as events taking place that didn’t, or people telling them things yet they never really did. As the person continues to abuse the drug they often begin to feel “wooden” inside, they are unfeeling and unable to do things. A person in this condition is not someone who can be trusted and is certainly not reliable.

Before attending Lonestar Victory Ranch I remember driving down the street and witnessing a car accident right in front of me. However, because I was high while it happened I wasn’t really sure exactly who hit who and how the whole thing took place. I quickly avoided…

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All I Really Need To Know I Learned in AA

Accepting your powerlessness makes you powerful.
Trust in God.
Let go, let God… with everything in life
Take a good look at yourself: the good as well as the bad
Confession is good for the soul
Let go of the stuff that isn’t good for you.
Act as if the bad stuff is already gone.
Be responsible for your actions.
Clean up your side of the street.
Admit when you are wrong.
Keep building on your solid foundation.
Sharing makes everything better.

Today’s Miracle:

An upcoming weekend with very little obligation and running around. Bonus: we get to have a date night!

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today I will recover

nothing_changes {pic by me}

This morning a very dear friend mentioned the most profound statement I have heard in a while… “relentless consciousness – the one draw back of sobriety” Oh how I relate.  The constant barrage of reality in all its glory and ugliness and messiness and loveliness.  It’s constant! I can’t sit down at the end of my day and have a few Chardy’s to unwind and let go. I get to have a cup of tea, go to a meeting, try to meditate – meditation is NOT a natural state for me {but that’s another story} After an especially stressful week and not much sleep I can’t pop a Valium or 2, wash it down with a little glass of Pinot Noir and nod off for a restful night of uninterrupted dreamy bliss. I have to work hard for my down time, I really do because if don’t…

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Jamie Lebish Today or Tonight

When you think of your career, you probably feel it’s pretty normal to go through various phases and periods — with changing workplaces and colleagues. When you start a new career path, you don’t necessarily feel the old career path was a failure, you probably just feel you’ve grown and changed course and now want to try something new.

So, how would you feel if you viewed a relationship that ended in the same way? If you viewed it as a sign that you had received the gifts and lessons you were supposed to receive from this experience and were now ready to pass on to something new, something different, and maybe something even better?

In other words, if you saw a relationship as complete when it was over, as a success for being exactly what it was for you — instead of as a failure just because it ended?

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